Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you get Hen of the Woods chips?

Check out of map HERE! Not in your local store? Drop us an email and we’ll do the rest!


No MSG here! We refrain from adding anything like torula yeast or yeast extracts as well! You can find almost all of our ingredients right on the shelf in your neighborhood grocery store.

Contain allergens? Soy, nuts, dairy? Vegan?

There is no soy or nut allergens in any of our products. The Buttermilk & Chive and Chile Con Queso Kettle Chip do contain dairy. Sea Salt Kettle Chips, Everything Kettle Chips and Red Wine Vinegar Kettle Chips are all vegan. A Touch of Smoke Kettle Chip contains honey.

Gluten Free? Kosher

All six of our current Hen of the Woods Kettle Chip flavors are Gluten Free and certified Kosher.

Are the chips all natural?

Yes they are! All of the ingredients in our Kettle chips are natural.

What makes Hen of the Woods chips different?

Balance, texture and ingredients. We search high and low for the purest, best tasting ingredients then we apply our decades of culinary experience to create balance and highlight each ingredients best qualities. The texture comes not just from the fact that we cut our potatoes a little thicker than the other guys but from the seasoning itself, after trying the Buttermilk and Chive Kettle Chip you’ll fully understand.

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